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Teen Advisory Board

Teens in the Driver Seat® is the nation’s first peer-to-peer safety program for young drivers, involving teenagers directly in developing and delivering driving safety messages. The goal of Teens in the Driver Seat® is to raise awareness of the top driving dangers for teens and prevent crashes involving young drivers. The program empowers teens to spread the word among their peers about deadly driving risks and encourage them to make smart choices while behind the wheel and as passengers. Teens in the Driver Seat® is committed to fighting the number-one killer of teenagers in America, but it can only succeed with the involvement and commitment of young people who are represented by the Teens in the Driver Seat® Teen Advisory Board.

TAB members are selected for the next year at the end of the previous school year.

Read about the board and the application process>

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The board members:

  • Provide insight on how to engage their peers and sustain their interest in Teens in the Driver Seat®
  • Assist in organizing program-oriented events and activities
  • Provide feedback, ideas and opinions on new program materials, safety messages, promotional items and related elements
  • Participate in quarterly meetings
  • Serve as ambassadors and leaders for Teens in the Driver Seat®

So who are the members?



Whitney Nicole Boyd
Bronte High School
Bronte, Texas

Whitney is a member of the TDS team at her school. She has participated in many TDS activities like Driving the Message Contest, Catch the CRZY!, a pep rally skit and safety week. As a member of the TAB, she wants to help make other teens and the community more knowledgeable on the dangers of driving. Whitney has a lot of leadership in church, school activities and sports.

Whitney describes herself as friendly, loud, compassionate, energetic and organized.


Daisy Canchola
Dalton High School
Dalton, Georgia

Daisy is excited to join the Teen Advisory Board, to help spread the TDS message. As a new member of the Board, she is committed to helping other teens at her school make the right choices in life.

Daisy describes herself as friendly, respectful and helpful.


Bryce Cummingham
Chisum High School
Paris, Texas

Bryce has been a TDS member since his freshman year of high school. He is looking forward to serve as a TAB member helping spread the word about TDS and teaching teens about the five danger of driving.

Bryce describes himself as athletic, outspoken, honorable, trustworthy and committed.


Alexandra Dawes
South Iredell High School
Mooresville, North Carolina

Alexandra is the only member of the TAB from North Carolina. She is very passionate about preventing teen deaths and injuries having experienced the loss of friends and classmates. Alexandra is highly motivated which will be very beneficial with establishing TDS at her school.

Alexandra describes herself as responsible, open-minded, dedicated, organized and social.


Rankin DeRonde
Bronte High School
Bronte, Texas

Rankin is Class President at Bronte High School. He has been active with TDS and Student Council for 3 years organizing many TDS activities at his school. As a new TAB member, he wants to help save American youth from the tragic fate of texting and driving.

Rankin describes himself as loyal, respectable, intelligent, trustworthy, and dependable.


Rebekah Dorrow
El Dorado High School
El Paso, Texas

Rebekah is currently the Vice President of her TDS with plans to run for President next year. She is looking forward to making new friends with the same passion she has about safe driving and getting new ideas from other students. Rebekah loves to volunteer and help people.

Rebekah describes herself as determined, trust-worthy, kind and caring.


Chase Drexler
St. Agnes Academy
Pearland, Texas

Chase is the Chairman of the Social Media committee for the TDS program at St. Agnes Academy.  She is passionate about the TDS mission.  She holds a lot of leadership positions from Chief Alter Server at her church to Captain of her field hockey team. Chase wants to get the word out about Teens in the Drivers Seat around Houston.

Chase describes herself as extroverted, considerate, passionate, understanding, compassionate


Kacelyn Ann Follis
Bronte High School
Bronte, Texas

Kacelyn has been an active member of her school TDS program for the last 3 years. She has promoted safe driving while cheering in pep rallies. Kacelyn believes as a TAB member, she is influential individual which allows her to assist peers in their journey to stay safe on the road. She’s looking forward to sharing Bronte High School successful event and fundraising with other schools.

Kacelyn describes herself as outgoing, caring, dependable, organized, and encouraging


Taylor Franklin
Creekview High School
Carrollton, Texas

Taylor is following in her older sister’s footsteps, by joining the Teens in the Driver Seat Board. She believes she possess a unique view of situations and can use this to bring original idea and feedback for discussion. She is also an active member Student Council at Creekview and enjoys volunteering at the North Texas Food Bank.

Taylor describes herself as creative, diligent, observant, funny, and imaginative.


Pablo Garcia
C.C. Winn High School
Eagle Pass, Texas

Pablo is new to TDS. He believes that as a TAB membember, he can make an impact on his school and community. Pablo is very active in his community from Relay for Life to Feast of Sharing.

Pablo describes himself as positive, active, believing, leader, and outgoing.


AJ Gonzales
Johnson High School
San Antonio, Texas

AJ is a returning TAB member and he is excited to continue his involvement. He has been nominated for the 2015 Mr. Teen San Antonio with his platform as TDS. He is passionate about the TDS message and has collaborated with other safe driving organizations. AJ loves volunteering at the Zoo.

AJ describes himself as a leader, athletic, energetic, and outgoing.


Tyler Hand
Kern Valley High School
Kern Valley, California

Tyler is very dedicated about teen safety especially drunk driving prevention. As a TAB member, he wants to publicize the dangers of driving that are avoidable like texting. He was recently elected Regional Reporter for FHA-Hero.

Tyler describes himself as knowledgeable, dependable, kind, dedicated, and passionate.


Christian Henk
Bandera High School
Bandera, Texas

Christian is a returning TAB member, he has been involved in the program in the background for years.  He says he enjoyed the interaction with fellow board members hearing about how other students are making a difference at their school with TDS.  Christian is very active in his school from Freshman Class President, to sports and the band.

Christian describes himself as funny, smart, determined, caring and creative.


E’Lexus Hickson
Chisum High School
Paris, Texas

E’Lexus is a returning TAB member; she is excited to continue spreading the TDS message at Chisum. She loves the idea of helping save teen lives and educating her friends on the risks involved with driving. E’Lexus loves helping and coming up with great new ideas.

E’Lexus describes herself as positive, dedicated, loving, funny and honest.


Asa Jones
Central High School
Keller, Texas

Asa has served several other teen representative councils and looking forward to serving on the TAB. She feels teens need a voice and is dedicated to reaching her goals. Asa has experience with other organizations helping people and would love to make a career of it.

Asa describes herself as positive, dedicated, humble, respectful, and understanding.


Joseph Kim
Creekview High School
Carrollton, Texas

Joseph is very involved in promoting TDS at Creekview High School and looks forward to advocating more for driving safety on the Board. He has a lot of leadership experience from being Executive Officer in Student Council to Secretary of the Key club. Joseph spends a fair amount of time involved in school activities and community service.

Joseph describes himself as loyal, diligent, ambitious, outgoing, and amiable.


Joseph Leal
Brandeis High School
San Antonio, Texas

Joseph is a past TAB member; he is currently the Student Council Vice President at Brandeis High School He is excited to be back on the Board and wants to continue to push the program to  new heights with more possibilities this upcoming year. Joseph is very involved in his community.

Joseph describes himself as a leader, mature, responsible, sociable, and outgoing.


Ahmaris Ariel Lechuga
Jefferson High School
El Paso, Texas

Ahmaris is looking forward to getting involved with TDS and making this her fist volunteer experience. She is excited to make a difference and meet new friends on the Board.

Ahmaris describes herself as dedicated, happy, strong personality, determined, and motivated.


Damian Morales
Jefferson High School
El Paso, Texas

Damian is looking forward to learning more about Teens in the Driver Seat, since this is his first year. He is looking forward to saving peers lives’ by spreading awareness of the five risks that teens face on the road.

Damian describes himself as outgoing, dedicated, motivated, energetic, and eager.

Kaitlyn Patterson
Central High School
Carrollton, Georgia

Kaitlyn is passionate about wanting to make a difference in saving teenage lives.  This is her first year on the TAB. Kaitlyn enjoys helping others and volunteering at local food drives.

Kaitlyn describes herself as dedicated, determined, caring, ambitious, and adaptable


Jessica Perez
Chisum High School
Paris, Texas

Jessica is returning to the TAB for a third year. She has been involved with TDS and FCCLA at Chisum High School, since freshman year. Jessica loves communicating with others and believes it’s very important when sharing the message of safe driving. She volunteers every chance she can.

Jessica describes herself as out-going, committed, organized, leader and communicative.


Alondra Quintero
Dalton High School
Dalton, Georgia

Alondra is excited to gain knowledge from the TAB to influence her peers and promote safe driving. She loves motivating peers to keep safe. Alondra participates in various volunteer activities in her community from working with the special education program to food drives.

Alondra describes herself as motivational, encouraging, outgoing, independent and determined.


Raquel Reyes
Vidal M. Trevino School of Communications & Arts
Laredo, Texas

Raquel is a returning TAB member; she wants to continue spreading the word of teen safety behind the wheel. She loves organizing TDS events at her school.  Raquel wants to do anything and everything to help teens and the community stay safe.

Raquel describes herself as kind, helpful, organized, honorable, and delightful.


Destinee Roose
Kern Valley High School
Kern Valley, California

Destinee is looking forward to learning more about TDS and getting more involved in the program. She enjoys public speaking and gets very involved in other activities at school. Destinee is always willing to help those in need from children to the elderly.

Destinee describes herself as kind, caring, dependable, honest, and hardworking.


Danny Shrader
Creekview High School
Carrollton, Texas

Danny wants to make a positive impact in his school and community when it comes to driving safety. He would like to help pass legislation banning texting while driving. Danny got first place in state mock trials two years in a row. He is involved in many different student organizations at Creekview, like Student Council, Crime stoppers and Key Club.

Danny describes himself as honest, wise, worthy, humble, and confident.


Emily Spiekerman
Sandra Day O’Conner
Helotes, Texas

Emily is new to TDS; she believes that teens have an incredible voice that allows fellow teens and younger students to look up to them.  Emily enjoys volunteering with an after school program and Vacation Bible School.  She has been on the O’Connor High School AG Quiz team winning 1st place at District and Area and 2nd place at State.

Emily describes herself as trustworthy, dedicated, honest, hardworking, and compassionate.

Kaitlyn Summers
Norfolk Senior High School
Norfolk, Nebraska

Kaitlyn is a returning TAB member and excited to be continuing her work on the Board. She is very active in the TDS program at her school. Kaitlyn is very passionate; wanting to save people’s lives by bringing awareness to what distracted driving can do to your life.

Kaitlyn describes herself as optimistic, respectful, resilient, organized and resourceful.


Brent Uhing
Norfolk Senior High School
Norfolk, Nebraska

Brent is a returning member, he enjoyed being on the Board last year and is looking forward to this upcoming year. He believes in the mission of TDS and wants to help save teen lives. Brent is involved in numerous student organizations at school.

Brent describes himself as helpful, smart, caring, loyal and friendly.