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Teen Advisory Board

tab_page_banner_fullTeens in the Driver Seat® is the nation’s first peer-to-peer safety program for young drivers, involving teenagers directly in developing and delivering driving safety messages. The goal of Teens in the Driver Seat® is to raise awareness of the top driving dangers for teens and prevent crashes involving young drivers. The program empowers teens to spread the word among their peers about deadly driving risks and encourage them to make smart choices while behind the wheel and as passengers. Teens in the Driver Seat® is committed to fighting the number-one killer of teenagers in America, but it can only succeed with the involvement and commitment of young people who are represented by the Teens in the Driver Seat® Teen Advisory Board.

TAB members are selected for the next year at the end of the previous school year.

Applications are now OPEN>

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The board members:

  • Provide insight on how to engage their peers and sustain their interest in Teens in the Driver Seat®
  • Assist in organizing program-oriented events and activities
  • Provide feedback, ideas and opinions on new program materials, safety messages, promotional items and related elements
  • Participate in quarterly meetings
  • Serve as ambassadors and leaders for Teens in the Driver Seat®

So who are the members?


Alexander, Kandee_web

Kandee Alexander

Kern Valley High School
Lake Isabella, California

Kandee is a returning TAB member; she loves to be involved in the community and volunteers her time at her church nursery. As a member of the TAB she will be able to use her voice to promote the Teens in the Driver Seat message and make a difference in teen’s lives.

Kandee describes herself as outspoken, loyal, outgoing, honest and truthful.

Baca-Chavez, Ricky_web

Rick Baca-Chavez

El Dorado High School
El Paso, Texas

Ricky is the current president of Teens in the Driver Seat at his high school. He enjoys being a part of TDS and knows that being part of the TAB he will be a great addition to the organization. He is looking forward to being more involved and spreading the awareness of risky driving.

Ricky describes himself as being responsible, attentive, honest, trustworthy and respectful.

Booker, Kelsey_web

Kelsey Booker

Naaman Forest High School
Garland, Texas

Kelsey has been on the TAB for two years in a row, and is excited about serving for a third year. She is passionate about TDS and wants to make a difference in the community by spreading the word about safe driving. She is the Drum Major and the Editor of the newspaper at Naaman Forest High School.

Kelsey describes herself as resourceful, mischievous, creative, fun and musical.

Bosmans, Krystal_web

Krystal Bosmans

Kern Valley High School
Lake Isabella, California

Krystal has been dedicated to TDS for the last 2 years, and wants to continue to spread the word about the safe driving. She enjoys spending her time volunteering and helping with community service projects. She is excited about her upcoming leadership role as FHA-HERO Chapter President.

Krystal describes herself as hardworking, social, generous outgoing and dedicated.

Cadena, Abby_web

Abby Cadena

Vidal M. Trevino
Laredo, Texas

Abby is committed to TDS and feels her creativity can contribute to new ideas to help promote safe driving. Over the past year, she has been involved in multiple festivals in her community to promote awareness of Teens in the Driver Seat. Abby is thrilled to be a part of the TAB.

Abby describes herself as compassionate, understanding, nice, helpful and very organized.

Carrillo, Karla_web

Karla Carrillo

Jefferson/Silva High School
El Paso, Texas

Karla is looking forward to learning more about Teens in the Driver Seat, since this is her first year. She is very creative and spontaneous. She feels it is important to show teens that TDS can relate to them, and wants to make sure that teens are fully aware of the dangers that they face behind the wheel. Karla is very involved in extra-curricular activities, which most are centered on the awareness of underage drinking.

Karla describes herself as enthusiastic, hard-worker, committed, unique and creative.

Cortez, AJ_web

AJ Cortez

Jefferson/Silva High School
El Paso, Texas

AJ is a returning TAB member, he has been involved with the TDS program at his school for the last three years. He enjoys participating in events in the community to help increase the awareness of the dangers of teen driving. AJ is very involved in the community and wants to continue to spread the message of “Keeping Teens Safe”.

AJ describes himself as funny, respectful, responsible, helpful and open-minded.

Drexler, Julia_web

Chase Drexler

St. Agnes Academy High School
Houston, Texas

Julia is excited to be a part of Teens in the Driver Seat. She would like to bring more awareness to teens and adults on the importance of safe driving.  She loves being active and is not afraid of getting involved especially with community service organizations like Girl Scouts of America and Jack and Jill of America.

Julia describes herself as active, conscious, energetic, involved and organized.

Gonzalez, AJ_web

AJ Gonzalez

Johnson High School
San Antonio, Texas

AJ has been learning the importance of safe driving at a young age. As a new member of TDS, he is ready to get his peers motivated. He would like to help spread driving safety awareness to his school and community. AJ enjoys playing sports and drawing.

AJ describes himself as athletic, self-starter, team player, caring and hard-worker.

Guevara, John_web

John Guevara

Vidal M. Trevino
Laredo, Texas

John has helped out with various TDS events and festivals at his school, this past year. He is eager to get more involved and to help make driving safer for everyone, especially teens. John is ready to help in any possible way, and is looking forward to a great year on the TAB.

John describes himself as honest, creative, nice, helpful and optimistic.

Henk, Christian_web

Christian Henk

Bandera High School
Bandera, Texas

Christian has grown up around TDS and would like to take a more active role in the program. He has attended numerous TDS events in his community and throughout the state, and has invited to listen to several TAB meetings. Christian is ready to continue on the program’s tradition at his high school.

Christian describes himself as leader, athletic, caring, innovative and intelligent.

Hernandez, Nicole_web

Nicole Hernandez

Eastwood High School
El Paso, Texas

Nicole has been a member of the TDS program – Jr. High, and is ready to be a part of TDS in high school. She is excited to make a difference and feels that her leadership and communication skills can help her deliver the message to her peers. Volunteering is one of her passions, and her favorite experience was on Thanksgiving Day serving food to the homeless.

Nicole describes herself as happy, outgoing, bubbly, interesting and energetic.

Hickson, E'lexus_web

E’lexus Hickson

Chisum High School
Paris, Texas

E’lexus is happy to be a part of the TAB, where it will be a great way for her to represent Chisum. She was involved in a couple of TDS events over the past year, where she hopes to be more active and remind her peers the dangers of texting and driving. When E’Lexus is very focused and deep in thought she believes her ideas are fantastic.

E’lexus describes herself as nice, calm, friendly, outgoing and happy.

Hoffman, Nevan_web

Nevan Hoffman

Fullerton High School
Fullerton, Nebraska

Nevan is a four- year member of Student Council at Fullerton. He joined TDS to help encourage teens in his community to be safe while driving. As an active member in TDS, he hopes to become more involved through the TAB.

Nevan describes himself as funny, positive, conservative, stubborn and silly.

Hong, Patrick_web

Patrick Hong

Creekview High School
Carrollton, Texas

Patrick has been an active member of TDS at Creekview for over 3 years. As a TAB member, he wants to continue to pursue the legacy that his school has established at TDS. He holds numerous leadership roles and is very involved in many student organizations. Patrick loves being a part of theater, which has prepared him to be fearless on stage and being in the spotlight.

Patrick describes himself as self-motivated, amiable, cooperative, focused and energetic.

Howser, Cheyenna_web

Cheyenna Howser

Chisum High School
Paris, Texas

Chey is passionate about people and wants to help spread the word of safe driving. She enjoys encouraging people and making others happy. As an active TDS member, she has been involved in many activities and is very supportive to her team members.

Chey describes herself as confident, outgoing, dedicated, motivated and dependable.

Jarboe, Amy_web

Amy Jarboe

Creekview High School
Carrollton, Texas

Amy is very active in Student Council at her school. Through her Student Council, she has helped plan the production of various TDS Summits and events. Being a member of the TAB will allow her to help extend driving safety knowledge to teens and she looks forward to more leadership opportunities.

Amy describes herself as diligent, organized, intelligent, quirky and charismatic.

Jefferson, Destinea_web

Destinea Jefferson

Kern Valley High School
Lake Isabella, California

Destinea is proud to be a member of TDS. She is excited to be on the TAB, so she can help educate other teens on the risks and dangers of driving.  After seeing her aunt in a serious car accident, Destinea wants to spread the awareness of safe driving. Her favorite TDS event is Catch the CRZY!

Destinea describes herself as unique, respectful, generous, intelligent and trustworthy.

Martinez, Veronica_web

Veronica Martinez

Santa Susana High School
Simi Valley, California

Veronica is very motivated to be on the TAB this year. She believes that driving is a privilege and with privileges comes great responsibilities. She would like to bring this awareness to other teens in her community, and to remind them that safe driving is crucial.

Veronica describes herself as motivated, outgoing, hardworking, organized and optimistic.

McIntire, Lindsey_web

Lindsey McIntire

Bronte High School
Bronte, Texas

Lindsey is determined to help prevent teen accidents, because she recently lost her brother in a car accident. Because of this she personally understands the dangers and responsibilities of driving, and wants to make sure that her peers are also aware of them. She has helped plan and organize many TDS events at her school, and wants to continue being involved.

Lindsey describes herself as dependable, meticulous, independent, creative and outspoken.

Nava, Shelby_web

Shelby Nava

Jefferson/Silva High School
El Paso, Texas

Shelby has participated and helped organize many TDS events at her school. Being more involved is her goal, and wants to keep teens safe behind the wheel, by educating and spreading awareness. Shelby is committed to education and loves being on the cheer team at her school.

Shelby describes herself as studious, sympathetic, optimistic, leader and trustworthy.

Perez, Jessica_web

Jessica Perez

Bronte High School
Paris, Texas

Jessica is a returning TAB member, she enjoyed being on the Board last year because she loved meeting new people and finding out what other teens, from across the nation, are doing to help reduce the number of teen accidents. She loves communicating with people, and believes that this is the best way to tell teens about the 5 risks.

Jessica describes herself as respectful, perfectionist, loyal, responsible and curious.

Price, Presley_web

Presley Price

Brandeis High School
San Antonio, Texas

Presley is a returning TAB member, and was the Co-Chair for the 2013 -2014 school year. She is a strong advocate for teenage safe driving and being a safe teen passenger. She is instrumental in developing and implementing the TDS program at Brandeis. She is the current Miss San Antonio Amazing Teen and is lucky to have an avenue to communicate the risks associated with teenage driving and being safe on the road.

Presley describes herself as respectful, confident, relatable, trustworthy and reliable.

Reyes, Raquel_web

Raquel Reyes

Vidal M. Trevino
Laredo, Texas

Raquel has been a part of TDS for the past year, and is excited to be following in her brother’s footstep, as a TAB member. She wants to help spread the TDS word and wants to be a positive example for her peers. Raquel loves to organize events and is looking forward to being more involved this coming year.

Raquel describes herself as intelligent, outstanding, creative, organized and trustworthy.

 Rosson, Addie_web

Addison Rosson

Bronte High School
Bronte, Texas

Addie loves being involved.  She has helped planned and organize several events on campus to help spread awareness, like a skit to “Roar” by Katy Perry to portray “together we are strong” to keep safe while driving, an ongoing effort at her school. Addie’s goal is to make an impressionable difference, not only in her community, but across the state. She believes in the TDS message and does not shy away from addressing a crowd.

Addie describes herself as creative, enthusiastic, outgoing, motivated and intelligent.

 Spain, Heaven_web

Heaven Spain

Pepperell High School
Rome, Georgia

Heaven has been involved with SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) over the past year, and has enjoyed the many TDS events her school has organized. She likes being a leader and helping others, so being a part of the TAB will help her be more involved and to help spread awareness.

Heaven describes herself as a leader, confident, reliable, hard-worker and organized.

 Summers, Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Summers

Norfolk Senior High School
Norfolk, Nebraska

Kaitlyn has worked with many volunteer groups, including Act Out Loud, a team that promotes healthy lifestyles, and a team that encourages teens to not drink and drive. Before she became an advocate, she also grew up with safe driving lessons – her mom is a Driver’s Education teacher and has talked to Kaitlyn extensively about the prevention of car crashes.

Kaitlyn describes herself as having a positive point of view, respectful, respected, and hard worker.

 Tran, Andy_web

Andy Tran

Austin High School
Sugar Land, Texas

Andy believes he has the ability to inspire others. He has served on several other advisory boards but feels that the TAB is a great outlet to inform students, at his school, about the dangers of intoxicated and reckless behaviors. He is very passionate about this topic because he lost a good friend due to reckless driving.

Andy describes himself as giving, thoughtful, cautious, creative and inspiring.

 Uhing, Brent_web

Brent Uhing

Norfolk Senior High School
Norfolk, Nebraska

Brent is excited to learn and experience more about the Teens in the Driver Seat program. He believes teens are more reckless today because of the distractions they face, but he thinks he can help contribute ways to help teens put the devices away and be safe drivers. Brent is involved in multiple clubs/activites that work with teenagers/teen drivers.

Brent describes himself as outgoing, courageous, willing, intelligent and a leader.

 Wamberg, Brandon_web

Brandon Wamberg

Fullerton High School
Fullerton, Nebraska

Brandon has helped organize and implement successful TDS events at his school. He uses his hobby of wood-working to make wooden signs to promote TDS around his school. Teens in the Driver Seat has been a great experience for him, and he is looking forward to being on the Board.

Brandon describes himself as tall, narrow, clever, easy going and smart.

 Zhao, Shumeng_web

Shumeng Zhao

Stephen F. Austin High School
Sugar Land, Texas

Shumeng is new to TDS but wants to be more involved because safe driving has a significant place in her life. Because of car accidents that have changed her family and friends lives, she wants to become more active and help teens avoid tragic instances. Shumeng has a passion and love for fashion and room designing. She is also not afraid to step out of her comfort zone, which she believes is the most essential step to making a difference.

Shumeng describes herself as empathetic, optimistic, spontaneous, organized and patient.