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Event / Activity Form

Advisors: Please complete the following activity summary for any Teens in the Driver Seat® activities, not all fields may be applicable. Report all events and activities, no matter how small. Please make sure photo release forms have been submitted for all students photographed, before submitting.

Share your pictures on the following pages. Tag us with @teensdriverseat and use hashtag #teendriver.

  • No event / activity is too small to report.
  • Adults and teens who planned and participated.
  • Specify hours / days.
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    Please make sure all students photographed have submitted a photo release form.
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12 comments on “Event / Activity Form
  1. Jean Goss says:

    Love the TDS program! We are working for 100% participation at our school, Hamshire-Fannett High School in Hamshire, Texas!

  2. Samantha Keaton says:

    Love TDS and excited to incorporate it more on our campus!

  3. Marcely Castro says:

    I am a Advisory Board member so I know how important it is to post what we do. I am growing strong at my school. I am getting support from our local representative, Ms. Lupe Ramos,& administrators and the whole faculty from my school. With this much support I know that we can help spread the word. lets go AZTECS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! El Dorado HIgh El Paso Tx

  4. Reina Salazar says:

    I am a Teen Advisory Board member and I know first hand how important it is for the message to get out about Safe Driving. We here at Ventura High School are aiming high for the student body to get involved and can not wait to bring all the new activities to the school this year!
    Reina Salazar – Ventura High School Ventura California!

  5. Keith King says:

    I am also a teen advisory board member and I am doing the best that I can to get not just the organization I’m in but the others as well to get in the fun of what teens in the driver seat is about! Everyone at Westwood High School is open to talking with one of our member about the dangers of driving we even have all the faculty and staff on board. So are ready to start this train to save the lives.

  6. Presley Price says:

    Tonight Brandeis TDS shared the risks associated with teenage driving and being a teenager passenger with incoming freshman and parents. Way to provide young teenagers the perils associated with being a teenage driver and passenger.

  7. Samuel Arriaga says:

    Love TDS Irvin High School is doing a great job!

  8. A.J. Cortez says:

    Having alot of fun preparing our presentation for Summit! We are excited…

  9. Lauren Saenz says:

    We at Desert View Middle are working hard to make sure that all of our students don’t only know but are telling others that we want to save lives.
    -Desert View Middle School

  10. Sylvia Garcia says:

    Looking forward to Summit to learn more about how to educate others about TDS.

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