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When I was about twelve or thirteen I was supposed to go with my mom to work. It was bring your daughter to work day and it ended up raining. She got in an accident that day and she hit

screaching…sparks…and FIRE!

Somewhere around the middle of my 8th grade summer my family and I had been relaxing at home. I had been watching tv, my mom was in her bedroom reading a book, and my dad had been in the kitchen

President, Dennis Mitchell Empowerment Seminars Story

My name is Dennis Mitchell. I was one of the parents that received that knock on the door telling me that my 5 year old son was killed by an impaired driver. As a result my life has totally changed.

Kerstin W

Hello. My Name is Kerstin W. About two years ago I had a friend who got into a car accident because she was texting on her phone. This friend was not just any girl (she was a very popular person.)

My Angel Corey

Almost four years ago my son Corey Gonzales and three of his friends were joy riding. Who would have thought that ride would have been his last? The driver of the Suburban had barely turned 15. How in the world

Sachse High School student, Kaylee Eller died in a tragic crash late last month

I’m just amazed at the number of deaths and accidents in Texas alone that are listed on your website. I had no idea. I have three very young babies (Kaylee’s half-siblings) and this will forever be in our hearts. It

family almost killed

my mother, my sister shureka, brothers enrique and henry… they were going out to the local store and were on their way home when this lady was driving on the wrong side of the road and hit my mom head

Friends Driving

I’m 17 years old and last year one of the worst things that has happend to me occured. Me and a few friends went to a party just like every Friday. But someone who is new to town decided that

Not the same anymore

My daughter died in a car accident on April 5, 2008. She was a passenger in a vehicle that was driven by a 15 year old boy. They were at a school event, and received a call that some other

Never Thought That It Would Happen To HER!

My cousin Nikki died in a car wreck June 14, 2004 at the age of 16. She was a very safe driver, always wore her seatbelt and payed attention to all things around her. One day she was in town

Gone Many Years – But it Feels Like Yesterday

The summer before my freshman year in high school, my brother Bruce, who was only 19, was leaving a drive-in movie theatre (yes, it was a long time ago) because he had heard that a girl he liked had just

In Loving Memory of Alex Joseph McCrystal

I live in a small country town, where not much happens. Although one night changed our whole county. It happened on March 30, 2007, one week after my friend Alex’s 17th birthday. Alex was a fun loving, good hearted boy

Party of the year

After prom, there was a big party out in the country. It was supposed to be like the party of the year, and everyone was super excited. Then about 4:00 in the morning, some of the guys got hungry and

It Happens

One day we got a phone call that i will never forget… my aunt had called and told us that my uncle had been in a wreck the night before and died that morning in the hospital… she said he