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Don’t Ride with Drunk Drivers

Last year my friend Tasha had begged her parents to let her go to this party. Her parents said no that she could not go because there would be alcohol there. Tasha rebelled. After her parents went to sleep, she

Joshy Armendariz

Joshua Armendariz is my cousin. I just want to share a couple of times with him, but he was an amazing cousin. The best cousin and friend that I could ever have. On Easter day (two years ago) we were

Angel over my sister

Ashleigh is my 21-year-old sister, she is older then me so I have always looked up to her. She has always had a bad drinking problem, and riding in cars with others who have been drinking and it was only

My Son Is Human, Too…

If you read further down there is a tragic story that occurred on April 5, 2008. Well, my son was THAT DRIVER. Many stories have been told with their own versions. People make my son to be the horrible one

My first car

One time my friends and I were going to a sleep over. There were 5 persons in the car and I was driving. My “supposed” friends were making loud noises and moving around so much so that I couldn’t concentrate


When I was about twelve or thirteen I was supposed to go with my mom to work. It was bring your daughter to work day and it ended up raining. She got in an accident that day and she hit

screaching…sparks…and FIRE!

Somewhere around the middle of my 8th grade summer my family and I had been relaxing at home. I had been watching tv, my mom was in her bedroom reading a book, and my dad had been in the kitchen

President, Dennis Mitchell Empowerment Seminars Story

My name is Dennis Mitchell. I was one of the parents that received that knock on the door telling me that my 5 year old son was killed by an impaired driver. As a result my life has totally changed.

Kerstin W

Hello. My Name is Kerstin W. About two years ago I had a friend who got into a car accident because she was texting on her phone. This friend was not just any girl (she was a very popular person.)