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Hit and Run

I was on my way to school when I looked out the left window and saw something. I did a double take. Big mistake. When I turned my attention back to the road there were cars stopped in the middle of the road in my lane. I hit my brakes and moved over, but I must have over corrected because I had a hard time getting my car under control. I swerved and hit another car in front of me, half of their rear was crumpled in, and my car lost a headlight and was leaking coolant fluid.

National Honor Society Criminal

I woke up to a bright light. Sitting in the back seat, my head fell because the door it leaned on was opened from the outside. I was caught by the back of my brand new sweater and lifted out of the car. Waking up I realized, my arms were cuffed behind my back and I was being escorted to the hospital entrance. I tried to remember if I had been injured in any way, but I felt fine.

My name is Julian Contreras and I graduated from High School in 2004. I was a strong student and graduated with academic honors to include, National Honor Society and Spanish NHS. I was Vice President of the Art Club, an active member of student council and also participated in football, track, and cross-country. My how time flies…