Written Stories

Dig Deep Isa

At the end of January, the Hernandez family suffered a tragic accident. They were coming back from a baseball tournament for their youngest son Adrian. Adrian was with his dad at the gas station waiting for his mom, Pat, and siblings. On the way over there at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the mom and the two kids, Isa (15) and Pablo (13), were in a car wreck. A man was drinking and driving at 100 miles per hour and hit their car. Pablo died instantly at the scene. Isa and Pat survived, but Isa was badly injured. She was sent to the hospital. She went through surgeries and scans. She went from receiving 75% of oxygen from the machine to now on her own. Everyone prayed. Everyone went to see her at the hospital. Teens In the Driver Seat helped Isa get all the prayers she could get to survive. She is currently awake and smiling knowing that she is okay and that tons of people were there for her, as well as her brother Pablo. She isn’t 100% but she is recovering everyday little by little. Many charity’s have helped the Hernandez family overcome this obstacle.



The Dangers

My uncle was coming home in his 18 wheeler and he saw something that caught his eye. It went out of conrol and he wrecked. He could barely move because his leg was stuck. There was oil spilling out of the truck and, he was lucky a teenage boy was there to help him out. He took my uncle to a hospital to get on new skin for his 3rd degree burns. Im glad he was still alive so he could share this story with me.

Sugar Land Middle School

Sleepy behind the Wheel

It was late at night coming home from a 10 hour shift at work, I was exhausted and hungry and in a rush to get home and find something to eat. I was driving down the route I always take. I have taken that road more times than I can remember- I could do it with my eyes closed. During the long drive home accompanied by the quiet sounds of the radio and the dull view of the road and I felt myself slowly closing my eyes and the next thing I know, my car is up on a curb. Totaled. I instantly woke from my groggy state and was aware of the situation. Although, I made that trip more than a hundred times, I learned that it is unwise to drive when I am tired and should contact someone to pick me up.

Creekview High School

Headlights and Music

The resonating beat hit me almost as hard as the hood of the car. I will never forget that day of summer my freshman year that taught me a lesson I would never forget. I was riding my bike across the street with a 4-way stop for the cars, when my all of a sudden I heard really loud music. I turned around and all I felt were headlights and booming music ramming into my spine. I fell on the hood of the car and a surge of pain rushed into my back. The driver had clearly been distracted with the loud Chief Keef music he was listening to and hadn’t paid attention to the stop sign. He nervously told me he would take me home right after he got a car bike rack from his house to take my bike. However, it was apparent an hour later that he had no intention of coming back. I was so scared but I didn’t know who to call or what to do. Luckily, my friend’s mom who lived in the neighborhood drove by and saw me. She pulled up and asked if I was okay and she called the cops for me to track the driver. The cop came and brought me home with my bike. I learned from the distracted driver’s actions and promised myself I would never endanger my own or another person’s safety by driving distracted. Hitting a car is not as fun as hitting the nae nae. Don’t drive distracted.

Creekview High School

Drinking and driving, is it worth it?

It happened out of nowhere, And it came to quick as well. I had just seen him not even a day ago before he was gone. It was almost to good to be true, One of my good friends that I grew up with was gone from drinking and driving, When I found out this news I didn’t believe it. But the more I saw people crying and telling me in the hallways that next day at school I knew it had to be true, My friend was only 19 years old before he was gone. He had suffered from a blow to the head rolling down a hill and he landed on the road. And the sad part was, was that he wasn’t even driving. He was the passenger. And the driver lived. My friend died because he decided to get into a car with a drunk driver rather than call his mom or get a sober driver. Drinking and driving, it’s not worth it. It really isn’t. Is it worth losing or dying from this? No. Now every time October 26, 2012 comes around, we are all reminded of the tragedy that happened that morning around 1. Drinking and driving, is it worth it?

Lake Isabella, CA

January 19th

My friend Clayton and I were driving back to my house from his, which is just half a mile down the road from my house. I had made this drive hundreds of times, and I have never had any problems. I was ready to get home and i noticed there were no other cars so I decided to speed up a little. I was driving at about 75 mph and we were listening to music and I just glanced over to my left for a second when I heard Clayton yell at me, “We’re going off the road!” I looked over and saw that we were going off the road a little and in a panic i steered to the left, causing us to swerve. I heard a bang and I felt the car begin to slide. I closed my eyes and I kept feeling the back end of the car bounce off the ground. Things were flying all over the inside of the car and I just kept thinking, “I’m going to die!” The car finally stopped and we got out yelling as loud as we could for help. I called my mom and she asked what had happened but we had no idea of the damage we caused. It turns out we had flown off of the road, hit a trashcan, two culverts and a tree. The crash lasted only a few seconds though it felt like it lasted an eternity. The car is now totaled and the cop said that we are lucky to walk away from the crash with very minor injuries. The crash showed me that i am not invincible on the road like i thought i was. I never thought it would happen to me, until that night.

Paris, TX

Somebody Was Watching

The disturbing call came at 5am in the morning during our Christmas break, 2012. I woke up and answered the call. My nanny was on the other end crying her eyes out. She told me that my cousin Allen and his girlfriend, Sam, were in a bad car crash involving them and a feed truck. Sam woke Allen up and started chewing him out because she was late for work. He told her he didn’t want to get on the icy roads, but she wouldn’t listen. So he woke up my other cousin, Jasmyne, to watch their baby while he took Sam to work. He took the back roads to her job, and went around a corner way too fast and hit a patch of ice. The car started to spin out of control. He caught a glimpse of the feed truck sitting in the middle of the road and he slammed on his breaks to try and stop. They swerved into a ditch and then back out onto the road and then slid backwards under the rear end of the feed truck. They were at the back of the feed truck and by the time the car came to a complete stop under the truck they were at the cab. He got out of the car and pulled Sam through the front window. After he pulled her out he collapsed in the road. Allen had three breaks in his back and one in his neck. Then after the swelling went down the doctors found another break in his back bringing the total of breaks to five. Sam just had staples in her head. I put the title as Somebody Was Watching because Allen is gonna be okay. He isn’t gonna be paralyzed. If Jasmyne had not watched the baby, the baby probably would not have lived. The car seat was in the middle of the road.

Paris, Texas

My Brother From Another Mother

Tyi Leonard is one of my best friends. We would do just about everything together. We have built go carts together, stayed at each other’s houses, and always drove around in my car. We were like brothers. There was a time when I lived with him because my parents were always gone and his parents didn’t like me living by myself.

One night Tyi and another friend of mine, Kalyl, were staying at his house and they wanted to go to Paris. Kalyl was talking to a girl that lived in Bonham and she said she was going to Paris with a friend of hers. She said she would come by and pick Tyi and Kalyl up in Roxton so they could go to Paris. The girls finally showed up at about 11 or 12 and Kalyl asked her if she had her permit or anything because she was only 15 at the time. She lied and said yes. He also asked whose car she was driving and she lied and said it was hers, but she stole it from her mom. It had handicap stickers all over it. They went along with it because they wanted to go to Paris.

They were driving down Jones Lane out by Brookston and the girl that was driving was texting someone. One minute she looked down to text and the next she was almost in the ditch. She panicked and cut the wheel all the way to the left and the car flipped several times. Tyi was ejected out of the back window on the second flip and Kalyl was ejected out on the third flip. Tyi was care flighted to Dallas. Kalyl and the two girls went to the hospital in Paris. Both girls were fine, one of them had a torn ACL and the other barely had a scratch on her. Kalyl had a severe gash on his head and shoulder and the seat belt cut his stomach. He also had a concussion.

Tyi got the worst of the crash. He broke his hand, had scratches all over him, and was paralyzed from the waist down. The doctor told Tyi he was paralyzed later on that week but he had already knew. He had no feeling in his legs, it was obvious to him. This all happened on a Saturday night. My girlfriend heard over the police scanner that he was headed to Dallas and she told me that night. I was devastated. That Monday at school every one was crying. Our Spanish teacher started a fundraiser and she asked us what we should put on the posters. Another friend of mine said “Do It For Tyi.” That statement was on every poster that we made. Tyi requested to see me in the hospital but I was already on my way there to see him.

To this day we are still best friends. He is my brother from another mother. He is in a wheel chair, but nobody sees him as a guy in a wheel chair. They see him as a friend, a fighter, and a survivor nothing more nothing less.

Paris, TX

My Superman

Superman…that is what we called him. He would never get hurt or pass away…at least that’s what I thought.

I didn’t go to church because I didn’t do my chores. I assumed that everything was normal. I didn’t see anyone from church until the next day at lunch. I sat down at the table and Jordan asked why I wasn’t at church I explained and she said “Well I guess you heard about Scott then?” I looked at her confused and said “No?” she got real quiet and said “He died on his way to Paris.” thinking it was some sort of sick joke i just laughed it off.

Like I said he’s my superman. He can’t die. I told her she was lying. Said it wasn’t funny. She pulled out her phone and showed me the multiple “R.I.P Scott” posts on his wall.
Everyone thought he was invincible. That he would never die. But he made one fatal mistake that Wednesday. He took off his seat belt so he could sit closer to his fiance. She took her’s off too. One little animal ran out in front of them. He swerved. The truck flipped. Now my superman is gone…

Paris, TX

My Dad

I know this website is called Teens in the Driver Seat, but my father’s story is what inspired me to join TDS. On February 20, 2010, I woke up to the sounds of my grandmother screaming and crying. I went into the living room and saw her on the floor crying and when I asked what happened she said my father had passed away in a car accident. He was texting and driving and hit the side of a train, dieing on impact. At first I didn’t believe it but then I saw his phone record and saw he was typing a message before the accident. I was shocked and could not believe it. From then on I swore I would never text and drive or drive under the influence.

Hamshire, TX


It was a normal Wednesday afternoon I was talking to my best friend Tyler while he was driving to church. He knew what dangers came with texting and driving but he didn’t listen. He was my best friend and I was used to it. The next thing I knew I was finding out he wrecked and his truck had rolled. He didn’t have a seat belt on and he was texting and talking to his fiance who was right beside him. He got ejected from the vehicle and died instantly 6 days after his birthday.

He never even saw it coming. You wouldn’t even imagine the pain I went through after his death. He was always smiling and he was a great friend. I never would have imagined he would die so young. I have never stopped thinking about him. He showed me an important lesson that night. Texting and driving is not worth it at all. The hurt will never go away. You never think of the people that you hurt when your sending that text while you are driving but it hurts a lot more people than you would think.

Paris, TX

The kid that was missed across the school & the city

The star football player passed way in a car crash. He and 9 other friends were with him in the car, but none of the passengers died. Five of the other passengers were also football players on his team and all were badly injured and in need of intensive care. The day after the accident, the school was all dressed in black to honor the loss of their star football player. By the end of the week they were doing a candle lighting where the whole community came together.

Plzzzz be safe cuz u never now who is gonna be missing you when ur not here.

Laredo, TX

God was watching over him…

October 25, 2009 Started off as a great day this was the day of my mom and her twin brothers birthday but turned in to a horrific day. The afternoon on October 25 my family received some bad news… my Uncle Sean had been in a wreck and it wasn’t looking very good which had happened about a mile from my house. My Uncle was driving the tractor to the field when a truck driver ran into him hitting the back of the planter which saved his life. My uncle was thrown through the side of the tractor window and landed in the ditch the tractors tires with everything else laid a mile away from the scene the planter and tractor were torn to pieces my dad was one of the first to arrive at the scene people described it as if no one could have made it out alive my dad held my uncle holding his head that was cut open enough to have 17 staples put in. Luckily both made it out alive the truck driver was transported to the hospital with injuries later my family found out that the truck driver was under the influence of alcohol and had a background of seizures. Today my uncle is healthy and we thank God for watching over him each and every day.

Lazbuddie, TX

Drink and Drive

My brothers friend who was practically my brother had been drinking had gotten in a car and started driving. he was driving to my house which is in valley view, he was driving from Gainesville, not that far away maybe ten minutes. My house is on a dirt road. it has a lot of trees and a couple of turns. He got on the dirt road to my house and maybe a hundred yards from my house he swerved and hit a tree. the compact of the tree had broken his neck in four places and broke his knee. He didnt go to the hospital till the next day he didnt think any thing was wrong just sore. my brother and sister and i took him to the hospital. The doctor had told us that he broke his neck and if he would of moved a wrong way he could of been paralyzed for life. do you want to drink and drive? i doubt it

Valley View, TX