Written Stories

All My Fault

One night after dark my friend was rushing home from her boyfriend’s house after her mother had called to get her to come home. She jumped into her car neglecting to put on her seatbelt, and began speeding down the highway, soon she reached a sharp curve in the road. Driving too fast she ran off the curve and over corrected. With the car still in motion her neck hit the roof of her vehicle, and then she was ejected through the back window of her vehicle. When they found her lying on pavement they discovered she had broken her neck. When she woke up all she asked was, “Did I hurt anyone? and “I can’t blame anyone but myself. It was all my fault!” Thankfully no one else was affected by the accident, but because of her decision to not wear her seatbelt she spent the next 46 days in a hospital bed. The measures taken by the doctors to help her heal properly were extensive but worth it. Today my friend is completely healed, and living her life normally. As a miracle.

Timpson High School

Kids on the Roll

I had an amazing friend. His wife and kids were in the car.HIs wife was in the passenger seat, his oldest daughter was behind him and the youngest daughter was behind the passenger seat. They were driving when this car came crashing into the drivers side of the car and it rolled several times. The wife and the youngest daughter made it out with a few scratches and he was stuck between the door and the console. He says he remembers looking back and seeing his oldest daughter with her hair over her face and blood just pooring down. He and his daughter were in the ICU for several weeks. He broke his ribs and she had to get stitches in her forehead. Be cautious about other people on the road because it may seem like your driving safe but not so much for other people.

Timpson High School