News Conferences

Hosting a press conference is a really great way to get public attention and recognition for your school's Teens in the Driver Seat® program. Contact us for help on planning a press conference.

Elk Grove, California

News conference date: Friday, September 21st, 2012

Students at Franklin High School are among the first in California to start a new peer influence program designed to combat the number-one killer of teenagers – car crashes.

Teen drivers across the state were responsible for 1,744 fatal crashes between 2006 and 2010, with 83 of those happening in Sacramento County. Injury crashes statewide during the same time period totaled 131,502, with 6,654 of them in Sacramento County.

The students and administrators expect good things from their Teens in the Driver Seat program, because it’s the students themselves who are carrying the message.  “As young people, we listen to each other, and we’re influenced a lot by our friends,” says Marsela Young, one of the program leaders at Franklin. “And we know that any message is always going to mean a lot more if it comes from someone our own age.”

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Savannah, Georgia

News conference date: Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

A large percentage of local Savannah teens admit to engaging in risky driving habits,  according to a recent survey, so one school has decided to launch the peer-to-peer Teens in the Driver Seat® program to help each other become safer drivers.

More than 60,000 teen drivers in Georgia each year are involved in traffic crashes, by far the number-one killer of young people. Researchers attribute the crashes to inexperience, combined with one or more of the five main risks that plague young drivers: driving at night, distractions (primarily cell phones, texting and other teen passengers), speeding, limited seat belt use, and alcohol.

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