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Privacy Policy

1. We use a simple cookie file to record your vote in our posted polls (only that you have voted). This is the only information stored, and it is only stored on your computer. Note: A cookie file contains unique information a web site can use to track such things as passwords, lists of pages you’ve visited, and the date when you last looked at a specific page or to identify your session at a particular web site. A cookie is often used in commercial sites to identify the items selected for a specific shopping cart application. We do not use cookies to collect such information.

2. If you send us an electronic mail message with a question or comment that contains personally identifying information, or fill out a form that e-mails us this information, we will only use the personally-identifiable information to respond to your request and analyze trends.

3. When you browse through our web site, we automatically collect and temporarily store the following information about your visit:

  • the IP address and the name of the domain you use to access the Internet (for example, aol.com, if you are using an American Online account, or tamu.edu, if you are connecting from Texas A&M University’s domain);
  • the date and time of your visit;
  • the pages you visited.

The name “Teens in the Driver Seat®” and the Teens in the Driver Seat® logo are protected under federal copyright law. The use of printed and electronic media materials from the Teens in the Driver Seat® web site are encouraged for schools and organizations using those materials under the Teens in the Driver Seat® name, but use of these materials under any other program name is not allowed.