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New Texas Graduated Driver Licensing Laws

GDL_updatesAre you familiar with the new GDL Laws in Texas? If you have or are a teen driver, you should be. There are a couple of changes that will help save the lives of Texas teens. The first is in Phase 1 where supervised driving went from 10 to 30 hours. This change helps because the more experience a teen has behind the wheel, in all driving conditions, the better they will be when they get out on the road without a teacher in the car. Take advantage of every opportunity to gain hours. And, remember, 30 is the minimum. The more you can get, the safer you will be.

The second change is in Phase 2, still begins when the learners license is issued, but now lasts until age 18. It previously lasted only 6 months. This is a tougher law, but also designed to give the teen more driving practice in the safest environment.

Here is a file with all the rules that you can print and share>