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2013-2014 Teens in the Driver Seat® Cup

PrintWhat is the contest that awards schools for spreading the message about safe driving and saving lives? It’s the Annual Teens in the Driver Seat Cup! Points are awarded for being active and participating in the program. How easy is that?!? Well, get your game face on and take a look at your state’s rules and point system and get McCrackin; there are points to be earned and cash and prizes to be won!

California TDS Cup>

Connecticut TDS Cup>

Georgia TDS Cup>

Nebraska TDS Cup>

Texas TDS Cup>

Take a look at 2012-2013 winners>

2011-2012 winners>

2010-2011 winners>

6 comments on “2013-2014 Teens in the Driver Seat® Cup
  1. Diana Diaz says:

    Our TAB members are excited to present our information in the Summit this year.

  2. A.J. Cortez says:

    Looking forward to presenting at the Summit. The “who” of it all!!!!!!!!

  3. Savannah Flatt says:

    Goodluck to all the schools! Creekview has had lots of fun spreading good messages and coming up with new creative activities for our school.

  4. Kaytlin Mackie says:

    Even though the competition ends today, Creekview is still working hard!

  5. Amanda Ortiz says:

    Creekview has had so much fun working on spreading the word around!

  6. Nuri Perez Robles says:

    Our TDS members at Jefferson/Silva are always so diligent in their efforts to keep the drive alive!

    Go Jefferson/Silva TDS!!!

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