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Hope Boyd, Teen of the Month, March, 2013

boyd, hopeIn five words or less, describe yourself.
Random, goofy, intelligent, plain individual

Who do you look up to?
My SADD and Key Club advisers- Ms. Ellenburg and Mrs. Collier!

If you could do anything in the world or go anywhere, what/where would it be?
I would go visit all of the major beautiful waterfalls of the world by riding down beside them on horseback then rafting down the river that it flows to. And if at all possible I would zip line across one of them.

Why are you involved in Teens in the Driver Seat®?
I am involved to help promote safe driving because too many innocent people die or are life long affected because other people’s ignorance. If our SADD club can get the message to at least one of our teens in the community then who knows, we could of saved a family’s life.

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