Catch the CRZY! End Distracted Driving

CRZY webDon’t you agree that distracted drivers are just CRZY? Not only are they CRZY for taking such a huge risk, but they drive CRZY when they don’t pay attention to the road. You’ve seen them – they swerve all over, they can’t keep a consistent speed, they miss traffic signals and warning signs, and have too many close calls (if they even see them) – they are CRZY!

We want to stop these CRZY habits and let them know just how CRZY they are for doing something they know they shouldn’t be doing and putting us ALL at risk for car crashes.

What do we do?

1) Catch the CRZY! – Perform field observations at your school by observing real driving behavior and counting the CRZY drivers who are using a hand-held device. This means any driver who is being CRZY by texting, talking, using a music player or even holding an electronic device in their hand while driving. (pre-observation)

2) Shift the CRZY! – Do some mad, crazy activities around your school to let these drivers know the risk they are taking by driving distracted. We’ll provide lots of ideas and resources and you do the messaging. April is also National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, so you’ll be helped with some great nationwide events and messaging.

3) Catch the CRZY! – Perform another field observation to see how many CRZY drivers you shifted into not driving distracted. (post-observation)

4) Pizza Party Like CRZY! – Return all your field pre- and post-observations to Teens in the Driver Seat and we’ll send you a $50 gift card to a local pizza joint of your choice so you can party it up like CRZY! We’ll also award your school TDS Cup Points for completing the activity and send you back a report so you can see how your school did compared to other schools.

Catch the CRZY dates!

Catch the CRZY! pre-observations should be done March 10, 2014 thru April 28, 2014

Shift the CRZY! messaging and activities will need to be done after pre-observations are completed, thru April 18, 2013

Catch the CRZY! post-observations are done April 21, 2013 thru May 16, 2013

Deadline to return all your pre- and post-observations is May 30, 2013

Who can participate?

Any active (2013-2014 school year) Teens in the Driver Seat program high school. If you are not currently active, it’s easy to do! Contact your regional representative to get started.

Ready to Catch the CRZY?

Sign up begins February 17, 2014

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