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Do you think your parents need a driver’s ed refresher?

photo by Still Bandits

photo by Still Bandits

Is your parent a Texting Tom or Yappy Yolanda behind the wheel? Speeder Sam? Angry Andrea? You get the idea. Parents aren’t always the best role models when it comes to driving, but what they are doing and what you think they are doing are not always the same.

Kids watch their parents and they know when they are being told to “do what I say do, not do as I do.” No surprise, then, that more than half of teens (54 percent) say they use a hand-held cell phone while driving, similar to the 61 percent of parents who say they do so. What’s really interesting is it’s been found that teens think their parents engage in distracted driving behaviors more often than they may, which may cause teens to justify these high-risk behaviors. So, if your parent behaves dangerously behind the wheel, you’re twice as likely to do the same. But, if you THINK your parent texts while driving or speeds or drives unsecured, your five times to engage in that high-risk behavior. Five times!

Here are some other findings:

  • More than a quarter of teens (26 percent) read or send a text at least once every time they drive, yet only one percent of their parents think their kids are doing that. The scariest part: 20 percent of teens and 10 percent of parents admit that they have extended, multi-message text conversations while driving.
  • More than half of teens (53 percent) search for music on their iPod while driving, compared to 12 percent of parents. And 11 percent of teenagers say they update or check social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, while driving.

All this came to light in UMTRI’s national telephone surveys of more than 5,500 young drivers and parents, including interviews with 400 pairs of teens and parents from the same household.

Whether your parents need the refresher course or you just think they do, don’t drive like your parents! You know how to stay safe and it’s up to YOU to do it when no one is looking. Also, talk to your parents about their habits; you may save them from getting a ticket, or worse, being in a crash!

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2 comments on “Do you think your parents need a driver’s ed refresher?
  1. Lizelle Lucas says:

    I’m always badgering my dad to stop looking through e-mails on his phone when he’s driving. He claims it’s okay to do it at stoplights, but it still scares me! Crazy to see that I’m five times more likely to have the same bad driving habits! I think he’ll be convinced to stop when he sees how it can negatively affect me.

  2. Pj says:

    I’m really glad that my mom is not like that. When her phone rings, she tells me to check it instead of her having to take her eyes off the road.

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