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“I can text while driving” and other lies


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Ask yourself the question “am I a good driver?” and I bet your answer is yes. Most of us do consider ourselves good drivers and we are probably right in that we ARE good drivers, when we’re actively driving. By “active driving” I mean the kind of driver you are when your parent is in the car – hands on the wheel, watching the road, seat belt on, music down, and obeying the rules of the road. But, what kind of driver are you the other times? I mean, really?

If everyone is a good driver, where is the fault and why are there so many crashes? It just takes one person making one mistake right? A little too close to the car in front of you. Taking a second to look down at a text message. Not stopping completely and rolling through the stop sign. Forgetting the seat belt when you’re going just a couple of miles. Drinking just a little more before driving home.

And, then you have the justification in your head. I have fast reactions and can stop in time. It’s just this once. I’m in a hurry. I can drive this route with me eyes closed. I’ll make it home; I always do. Nothing has happened. I drive better when I’m a little buzzed. “I AM A GOOD DRIVER.”

Then who are the people getting injured and dying? Are they the bad drivers? Or, do they have bad habits and lie to themselves to justify those bad habits?

I’ll leave you with this proverb: “Good habits result from resisting temptation.” Over the holidays, challenge yourself to REALLY look at how you drive and those lies you tell yourself. Make an effort to resist those bad driving temptations and see if you can become the driver you know you are.

2 comments on ““I can text while driving” and other lies
  1. Debanhi Rios says:

    When you drive, you need to wear your seat belt for your own safety and make sure you turn off your phone when you are driving or at least not answer any messages or calls, it’s very dangerous.

  2. destinee says:

    if you call your self a good diver shouldn’t you be able to resist the temptation of looking down at your phone, diving buzzed,not wearing a seat belt if you see how many teens drive and die due to making those mistakes why would you want to be in that group of people who dived buzz not everyone is lucky most people die due to making mistakes so be safe be the ”GOOD DRIVER” that follows the rules of the road -Kern Valley

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