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Thanks to YOU, we are getting national recognition

Governor Highway Safety Association recently made available their publication “Curbing Teen Driver Crashes: An In-Depth Look at State Novice Driver Initiatives” to look at what states are doing to address teen driver safety in six key areas: strengthening Graduated Driver License laws; ensuring law enforcement support for these laws; engaging parents and teens; improving driver education; and garnering consistent media coverage.

The publication comes on the heels of MAP-21, the newly enacted surface transportation funding law, which includes incentive programs that reward states for high performance in a number of areas, including – for the first time – teen driving. That’s where Teens in the Driver Seat comes in. We are thrilled to be highlighted as one of the programs that is successful in influencing and modifying behaviors.

Teens in the Driver Seat would not be worthy of this recognition if it were not for YOU! The teens and sponsors who implement and carry out this program, the supporters who spread our name, and our sponsors who continue to believe in us deserve the recognition, so great job to YOU and thanks for keeping our drive alive.

Check out the publication>

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