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To catch a texter

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Many states have started passing laws to make texting while driving (TWD) illegal. Some people think they are great at TWD without it being obvious to the police. Trust me, it can be very obvious.

I was driving home from school one day, going at a perfectly normal pace, when I got stuck behind a teenage girl around the same age as me. My first hint that she was TWD was the fact that she was driving fifteen miles below the speed limit. Now I don’t normally speed but I do like to get home at a reasonable rate! If that wasn’t enough, she was having trouble staying in the lane. One moment she started to drift toward the median, the next she was jerking her car back into the center of the lane.

Finally, after what felt like a hundred years that I had pointlessly wasted coasting behind this girl, I was able to get around her and drive as far away as possible. I didn’t have any interest being in front of a distracted driver any more than I did being behind one. If stopped without her noticing, both my car and hers could have some serious damage. The moral of this whole story is if I was able to tell with an untrained eye that the girl was texting, think how easy it would be for a police officer to catch a texter.

Distracted driving is one of the five risks that teen drivers face. To avoid the temptation of looking at my phone, I keep it in my purse in the backseat while I drive. A text message isn’t worth wrecking a car and hurting yourself. Check out what laws your state has passed about phones and driving.

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One comment on “To catch a texter
  1. this is something that people should be aware that can cause and accident. that accident can cause someone a injury. then when you look back at what you did… you start to think that what you did that day was dunb, and because of that you caused an accident.

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