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The purpose of this award is to recognize the teacher/sponsors that make a difference to teens through their work with the Teens in the Driver Seat® program.


  • A teacher/sponsor is defined as a “non-student” adult that is assisting students with the Teens in the Driver Seat® program.  Examples of individuals that qualify would be a teacher, school administrator, counselor, or group leader (e.g.,  FCCLA, 4-H program, youth council, etc.)
  • Only one nominee per nomination form is allowed.
  • Nominations for more than one teacher/sponsor are accepted.
  • Self-nominations are accepted.

Deadline:  Nomination forms are due by March 31, 2014.

2014 SponStars!


Erica Goolsby, Westwood High School, Palestine, TX

Sylvia Garcia, Jefferson/Silva High School, El Paso, TX

Benito Mendiola III, Vidal M. Trevino, Laredo, TX

Amanda Oropeza, Montwood Middle School, El Paso, TX

Lisa Gibbs, Bronte High School, Bronte, TX

Danielle Smith, Timpson High School, Timpson, TX

Suzanne Reese, Creekview High School, Carrollton, TX

Carie Archer, Chisum High School, Paris, TX

Laura Rizo, Desert View Middle School, El Paso, TX

Michelle Baker, Kern Valley High School, Lake Isabella, CA

Suzanne Myers, Scottsbluff High School, Scottsbluff, NE

Mark Claussen, Norfolk Senior High School, Norfolk, NE

6 comments on “SponStar
  1. Naaman Forest presents special challenges to those of us that go the extra mile to aid our very diverse student body. This diversity creates special challenges. Specifically, we have the most ethnically diverse student population of any High School in Garland. Vivian is very soft spoken and compassionate with ALL kids, many from very poor culture and dysfunctional homes. Likewise, she is equally helpful with kids from more enriched environments.
    Vivian also is an resource for staff. I would not hestitate to discuss in personal problems with her as I know she would listen and offer advise.
    I highly recommend Vivian Johnson for the SponStar award.

  2. Marcely Castro says:

    congratulations ms.briones. hope that you and your baby are doing fine.

  3. Sylvia Garcia says:

    It is an honor to be nominated. Working with students can be difficult but so rewarding! Love it!!!

  4. Tyler Hoffman says:

    Congratulations Mrs. Reese! Not only do you deserve this nomination, but you would definitely deserve the title of Sponstar! Keep on truckin’ Mama Reese!

  5. Noelle Anderson says:

    So proud of you Mrs. Reese! You deserve this 100%! Keep working hard and doing what you do best! You’re such an inspiration!

  6. Nuri Perez Robles says:

    Congrats Ms. Garcia. You and Jefferson/Silva teens rock!

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