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Me in the Driver Seat – Watch your blind spot!

Photo by SunDown79

There has been so many times where I’ve have been driving or the passenger when cars come up passing the car that I had no idea they were even there! Thankfully these scares have never been more than that, a scare. Yes, I have been extremely fortunate, but many others, everyday, are not so lucky. On every vehicle a blind spot exists. These unseen areas can be deadly to the driver’s sight and control of the car.
Not only does this affect what you can see when driving but think about if you are that hidden car in someone else’s blind spot! This is so dangerous. My Driver’s Ed teacher informed us a lot about the blind spots on a car. The bigger the car, the bigger the blind spot. One very nifty item I have on both my car mirrors is the blind spot circle mirror. This little round mirror allows you to see more than what the ordinary mirror limits you to. Now that I have this helper mirror installed, I can honestly say I know I will be safer while maneuvering around town!

One comment on “Me in the Driver Seat – Watch your blind spot!
  1. Breanna Walker says:

    My mom and I had almost gotten in a car wreck due to her blind spot. Be careful when driving and be sure to look bot ways!

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