Pledge to Keep Our Drive Alive

Place a comment below to let us know you’ve made the pledge. Together we can all make a difference in saving U.S. teens from the number one killer.

Download the pledge to display.

I make this pledge, both bold and brave, so someone’s life I will help to save. Watch my speed, stay awake and know the difference a drink can make. Buckle up and avoid distractions – like texting, cell phones – such deadly actions. Golden rules, simply five, strive to keep our drive alive.

Junior High Pledge:


I make this pledge, both bold and brave, so someone’s life I will help to save. Pay attention and don’t distract; I can help my driver react. Slow down, buckle up, take a break – these are suggestions I can make. Be the difference, stay alive, learn to drive before you drive.

62 comments on “Pledge to Keep Our Drive Alive
  1. Jacob Knoblock says:

    I Pledge to drive safe and not text an drive and always wear my seat belt that way Someones Life wont be in danger!!!!! At Hamshire Fannett High School

  2. Destinea Jefferson from kern Valley High School says:

    i pledgedged to this.

  3. Danielle Knudson says:

    I pledge to model safe driving for my two teen drivers and their younger brothers. If I don’t teach them safe habits, who will? Moms, put down the phone and drive.

  4. Chey Howser says:

    I pledge!

  5. M. Moore says:

    I am not driving yet, but I pledge to be a safe driver when I do begin to drive. I know how important it can be out there on the streets.

  6. yullisa says:

    I don’t pledge ; turn up !!!!!

  7. alec aguillon says:

    children look up to older siblings stay safe drive safe

  8. i will drvie save when i drive safe

  9. Kathleen Nguyen says:

    I pledge to stay safe.

  10. kirsten gonzalez says:

    this is a verry nice pleage

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