Cara Tripodis, safe driving advocate and now Miss Georgia National Teenager

Cara TripodisCara has been known to spread the word about teen driving safety. She has written numerous blogs for and works tirelessly at her school in Duluth, Georgia to make the Teens in the Driver Seat program a success. Now she can add a new crown to her growing resume’ and bring her message to a broader audience because on April 16, 2011, Cara Tripodis won the title of Miss Georgia National Teenager.

America’s National Teenager scholarship organization has awarded over $120 million dollars in tuition, grants, and cash scholarships in its 40-year existence. This pageant encourages young women to grow and succeed. National Teenager celebrates intelligent, devoted young women. These young ladies also obtain high scholastic achievement and leadership ability. America’s National Teenager promotes teen role models through this system.

Over the pageant weekend, Cara competed in several competitions in ordered to be crowned Miss Georgia National Teenager. Cara was judged on interview, on-stage question, evening gown, personal expression, school, and community service. In the interview portion is where the judges really get to know each contestant. Cara spoke a lot about teen driving safety when the judges asked her what she can do with the title of Miss Georgia National Teenager. She explained about what Teens in the Drivers Seat does and how it helps teenagers become aware of the risks while driving. Cara also went on to say how she can make a difference, with Teens in the Driver Seat behind her, to travel to high schools around Georgia and spread the word!

Great job, Cara! We are so proud of you.

One comment on “Cara Tripodis, safe driving advocate and now Miss Georgia National Teenager
  1. Justine says:

    Thank you for all your effort promoting teen driver safety!

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