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My Brother is as Stupid as His Bald Tires


Photo by Steve Snodgrass

It’s been a while since I last hung out with my brother. He recently graduated from college and was going to take me on a road trip for the weekend. As we were loading the car with our junk I realize he has been driving around with almost bald tires. Upon further inspection, I noticed his tires were starting to crack too…CRACK! I was freaking out; I refused to get in the car and started telling him off. He said I was overreacting. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Your tire can blow out in the middle of the highway and spin you out of control! Or what if it rained you started to hydroplane. I was PISSED!!

We ended up not going on that stupid trip, in his stupid car, with his stupid bald tires. I told mom, he got an earful and was forced to change his tires. What a jerk!

One comment on “My Brother is as Stupid as His Bald Tires
  1. Segovia says:

    ha i would tell him off too!.. thats like really dumb, well thats good what you did you know about not going on that trip you dont know what could happen.

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