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Freedom! Sorta.

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I just got my license a few weeks ago! I waited what seems like forever for this day and I am so excited I passed the driving test. I was so nervous to get in the car and be graded on my driving skills! Surprisingly, the woman who evaluated me was pleasant! Finally…freedom! Well, not really. My parents are being super strict about me driving. Even though it sorta stinks sometimes, I totally understand where they are coming from. Hearing all of these statistics really does scare me! I have to say the numbers cause me to be much more alert and careful. I will just have to keep practicing driving carefully to perfect my skills. I am determined not to be just another statistic!

One comment on “Freedom! Sorta.
  1. I felt the exact way you feel now. When I got my car my parents only let me have it out till about 10, but I was one of the lucky one because some of my friends didn’t even get to have their car out at night at all, so that was lame for them. Just try and be extremely careful because after a while you are going to think your the best driver ever so you start being dumb when you drive and something bad will happen like what happened to me. Then after that happens you wont have a car or you can possibly get hurt or worse. Sometimes the thing that will make u a better driver is when you get an accident but you don’t want to let that happen because poof there goes your freedom all over again. I’ve heard this same thing from my parents a billion times but till something happens is when you will finally see what everyone is trying to tell you.

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